Desert Driving Tours in Dubai

with a professional driving instructor

What we do

Desert Traction

Join our trips with either your own 4×4 or tag along with one of our experienced instructors and we’ll teach you all the need-to-know about driving and surviving in the desert.

After you’ve spent the day doing dune drives (with a back-up car of course) we’ll drive to our overnight set up where we provide dinner, tents and sleeping bags for a perfect stay. From the next morning it’s your turn and you will then be able to lead the drive out.

The best driving experience ever. We learned all necessary techniques while driving and even learned about our cars behaviour. To top the whole thing off we had a beautiful dune dinner under stars.
I can definitely recommend Mashal and Ashfaqs trips. A learning experienced which was so much fun. What a feeling, to sleep under the stars. In the morning we were already able to lead the cars ourselves!

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