Your own car and following the instructor’s car


A persona coming with his own car and following the instructors car will be billed 1000 AED, a passenger joining in this persons car will be  800 AED.

Theses prices already include overnight stays. which means after the coordinated driving lessons, dinner will be provided set up in a private majlis camp. After the overnight the guests will be provided breakfast.

We have to charge an extra 100 AED for sleeping equipment. 100 AED per person with a mattress, sleeping bag and tent, depending on the situation.


Package includes:

  • Basic training and introduction on driving and car behavior in the desert.
  • All time instructed driving (through radio communication )
  • Camp set-up arabic majlis ( ground/low seating carpets & cushions )
  • Camp fire
  • BBQ dinner
  • Breakfast

(Drinks not included) (Sleeping equipment not included)


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